Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jim Brey's Fun House!

Because Jim Brey is just a funny guy!

The voters always love a good stunt.
Keeping his energy up.
Looming large!

Making a good impression in Chilton.
Dressing for success at the Valders Parade.

But sometimes Jim Doesn't seem so funny.

Sometimes he doesn't seem so funny.
"I have said all along that there were parts of Act 10 that were necessary for the long term stability of not only the State but local municipalities and school districts as well.  Most will agree with me that public sector employees needed to pay more for their health insurance and contribute to their retirement.  I think the employees affected by this also realized this.  Many of them have also told me so."
                        Jim Brey... on his campaign website.

Are we having fun yet?