Friday, October 28, 2016

The Monsters Among Us


NOTE: This letter was not printed at (Manitowoc Herald Times) so Im printing it here.
It should be noted that the usual cast of right wing letter writers have had free reign there lately.
This is now the second letter of mine that the HTR has rejected this year.

I've been watching the horror show that has become the Republican 2016 campaign with a combination of both amusement and revulsion. Most interesting has been the flight of frightened candidates trying to saw their own legs off in order to extract themselves from the Trump tower of terror in which they are now locked.

It is after all both election and Halloween season and just as the Green Bay “Gags the Clown” horror film promotion has gone virally wrong with imitators doing real harm now Republicans (not just Trump) have been taking the “creepy clown” act into the all to real realm of public policy.

Then State Senator and now Congressman running for re-election Glenn Grothman authored a bill that would have criminalized single parenthood (SB507) claiming that raising a child without a father is the equivalent of child abuse even when spousal abuse is the cause.

At the same time we saw now Senator Ron Johnson publicly testify in favor of legislation that would have blocked law suits holding the Catholic Church responsible for covering up and reassigning pedofile priests allowing them to offend again.

Now we see that Governor Scott Walker laundered $750,000 in contributions from lead paint interests in exchange for legislation effectively blocking still other law suits by children who were permanently damaged by those companies and their products.

Trump may be that scary clown selling fear and loathing but he is just a shadow of these real monsters who rape the public interest and bring crime into our state houses. They manifest their twisted nature into real policy and that should be what we fear the most. The cure for fear is courage and we must find that courage to realize our mistakes and show up at the poles to end their reign of terror.