Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What you didn't know about the Kochs - Blood and Oil - 1st in a series

Well, it seems that there is a 3rd Koch brother and his opinion of the other two is not as good as little Scotties!

It seems that David and Charles have a brother named Bill who blew the whistle on them on CBS 60 minutes back in 2000.

November 27, 2000

Blood And Oil

And Environmental Negligence

"What Koch was doing was taking all these measurements and then falsifying them on the run sheets," says Bill Koch. "If the dipstick measured five feet 10 inches and one half inch, they would write down five feet nine and one half inches."

Bill Koch filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming that much of the oil collected by Koch Industries was stolen from federal lands. At the trial, 50 former Koch gaugers testified against the company, some in video depositions. They said Koch employees had a name for cheating on the measurements.

"We in the company referred to it as the "Koch Method" because it was a system for cheating the producer out of oil," said one of these gaugers, Mark Wilson.

"I believe that what I was stealing oil and I don't feel good about it," said another, James Jurgens.

See the whole sordid story here...

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