Sunday, April 22, 2012

YOU are NOT Competitive! (but we are)

When a conservative talks to you about being competitive it would be wise to look over your shoulder and make certain that he is not talking to someone else because the meaning of the word changes depending upon who they are referring to.

When the subjects are CEOs and top managers they say that these people need high salaries because we need to attract the best people to be competitive.

When the wages of ordinary workers are discussed those wages must be kept low in order to remain competitive.

So it goes with Gov. Scott Walker...

State gives bonuses despite budget deficit

Walker establishes merit raises

MADISON — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker established a program that has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in merit raises and bonuses to some state workers even as he preached cost-cutting and pushed through a law reducing most public workers' pay and eliminating their union rights.
An analysis of data The Associated Press obtained through an open records request showed Wisconsin agencies have handed out more than $765,000 in bonuses and merit raises this year to nearly 220 employees.
The awards are meant to reward stellar performance. But they come as the state faces a $143 million shortfall and after thousands of state workers took pay cuts through provisions in the collective bargaining law requiring them to contribute more to their pensions and health care.

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