Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bob Shifts Gears - after trailing in polls

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Commenting on the article:

County exec defends asking concessions: Seeks agreement union by union, no longer 'all or none'

by charlie mathews • Herald Times Reporter • January 21, 2010

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bstar53 wrote:

Dont know if this is going to get past the HTR censors but here goes...

Like Puppet0Master I have been doing some behind the scenes reporting too.
He has the story right. The union did want the State program which would have been cheaper and Bob did want a 4 year contract - which he is trying to revisit now.

Another thing that I have discovered is that his statement about nobody complaining is bull.
I have spoken to more than one who did in fact complain and were slapped down for it behind the scenes.
Those people cant come forward because of Bob's publicly stated policy of not talking to the media or other outside sources.
If Mr. Matthews did any actual reporting he would know this (and maybe does) but he prints the stennography anyway.

As to the shift in approach?
There's nothing like trailing in the polls to get a pol to shift gears!
1/21/2010 8:11:58 AM

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